Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress 

Vaastu Corrections :

Measuring the House energy. Vastu and Feng Shui applications.

Gropathic Stress Line :

The Aura Scanner is also helpful in detection and correction of Geopathic stress lines which may be passing through a particular property, house or a vaastu. These stress lines emits geomagnetic radiations or frequency which is very harmful to the occupants of a house or vaastu, upon continuous exposure to these harmful radiations or frequency the occupants after a certain period of time does face problems relating to health; general well being and prosperity.

Balancing of Chakras :

Aura Scanner can accurately determine if the chakras are properly balanced or not. The Aura Scanner can also measure by how much a particular chakra is open or blocked.

Aura Measurement :

Aura Scanner can accurately Measurement of Human Aura.

Gemstones Compatibility :

The Aura Scanner very easily detects the compatibility of a particular gem stone for a particular person which is necessary to enhance the Aura level of a particular person. Identifying the GEM compatibility/suitability. It helps in determining the health of an individual. It also detects whether there are any risks of a serious disease or health problem in the future (before it strikes). It detects the energies which are negative for a person. For example you could be wearing a jewelry item, or gems which may be negative for you.

Person to Person :

The Aura Scanner can detect the compatibility ratio between two persons which is necessary in business associations, marriages etc.

Compatibility Products :

The Aura Scanner detects compatibility of particular object to a particular person for example is a vehicle, machinery, gadget compatible to its owner.

Health :

The Aura Scanner can detect the compatibility of a particular medicine to be administered to the recipient. Measuring Human Aura and Aura of various eatables/Medicines etc. Identifying food and medicine compatibility for a person.

Search & Investigation :

The Aura scanner is quite helpful to conduct search of a missing person or object (provided a photograph of a missing or lost object or person is available for search). The Aura Scanner is extremely useful to a forensic laboratory; investigating agencies for various crime detections.

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