Pearls are unique because they are the only gemstone formed within a living creature. Since natural pearls are rare and difficult to recover from the ocean’s depths, man invented the technique of culturing salt and freshwater pearls from mollusks carefully seeded with irritants similar to those produced by nature.

Cultured pearls come in many beautiful colors, from pale cream and white to rose, lilac, green, gold, gray, and black. There are four main types of cultured pearls: Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, and Freshwater each having unique qualities that separates them for the other.

Some of the astrological benefits of wearing a pearl stone are:

1. It enhances the power of moon, which signifies softness, charming eyes, love, family life, steady mind and many other good things.
2. A person suffering with tensed mind, indecisiveness, depression and instability in life is advised to wear pearl stone.
3. It helps in neutralizing the negative planetary influences on human being.
4. It helps in increasing memory and brain power.
5. It is also said that pearl brings good fortune
6. It helps in developing harmony between husband and wife


  • Moon, which is the leader of brain, general prosperity and fortune of the local. It is concerned with vision, feelings, temperaments and richness. At the point when the moon is in malefic position, it causes afflictions, for example, frosty, hack, fever, eye infirmities, throat issues, menstrual issues and intestinal issues.
  • It can allay ailments of eyes, throat, digestion systems and stomach, not with standing advancing mental peace and steadiness. The wearer of the pearl can feel the positive energies being created inside his body, fortifying his psyche, advancing sound rest and liberating him of mental pressures. It adjusts feelings, especially outrage.
  • This gemstone is valuable for females, as it can help counter menstrual issues and advance their fruitfulness, magnificence and appeal. Along  these  lines, you can encounter the calming impacts of pearl to recuperate your body and psyche.
  • The moonstone pearl powder will prove benign to the curb of the problem of kidney stone.
  • Wearing the moonstone pearl will act as an ideal antidote to remove or dispel all urine related problems.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from piles or joint pain will alleviate the pain of these severe diseases.
  • The pearl stone act as the best antidote to cure sleep disorder and mental diseases.


Pearl Gemstone, you can wear a 5 to 10 carats south sea pearl. Make it  in silver ring and wear it in the morning of any Monday during Shukla Paksha, wear it in the last finger. For Purification and activate the Pearl gemstone , dip the ring in milk, honey and pure water, for 20 to 30 minutes, Burn 5 incense sticks to Name of Chandra Deva and pray that you are going to wear the representative gemstone Pearl to have Blessings from Chandra Deva. Then take out the ring from the pure water and round it up the incense sticks 11 times while speaking the mantra ॐ सों सोमाय नम: after the mantra you can wear it in your little finger. Pearl will give effects within 4 days after wearing and till 2 years it will give full effects, after that it becomes inactive, You must change your gemstone after inactivation.

In which finger pearl moti should be worn according to astrology?
According to astrology generally pearl moti  gemstone should be worn in small finger of right hand.
what day and time red pearl moti  gemstone should be worn ?
For good astrological effects, one should wear pearl moti  on Monday morning between 5 am to 7 am. in shukla puksha days.
In which mettle one should wear red pearl moti  gemstone ?
For best results pearl moti  gemstone should be worn in silver ring only.
Before wearing moti You should always seek the advice of experienced astrologer.

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