Ruby stone meaning In ancient Sanskrit called as Ratnaraj translated as king of gemstones. Ruby symbolizes the planet sun. It is the gemstone for the zodiac leo .people with a strong/week/malefic sun in their birth chart can adorn this gemstone .It brings positive result to the werer as it has immenae energy to enhance the personality of leo .

The Ruby gemstone draws inspiration from the Sun. The Sun holds a pivotal position in our culture and traditions. A nurturer, a vital energy provider, the Sun is the soul of our universe. The Ruby gemstone imbibes most of these qualities from the Sun, making it strong and much-revered gemstone by all.

We have seen many film stars wearing rubies. Some wear it as fashion while some wear it for astrological reasons.

He wearer of ruby gemstone can overcome timidity easily. So people who find it difficult to get themselves heard or who find themselves in frustrating situations because nobody values their opinion should wear this stone. The Sun is a natural Atma karaka, thus wearing this stone boosts your confidence and opinion towards yourself.

A mark of royalty, authority, and luxury, the stone helps the wearer to achieve an imperial status and helps in living a luxurious lifestyle.

It is said about this stone that wearing this stone will improve communication and disseminate the negative thinking which stimulate happiness, love and harmony in the relations.


Making bones stronger, the stone also helps in dealing with skin related ailments.

If you suffer from lack of Vitamin D, this stone when embedded in a copper ring will definitely help you to address this problem. The stone is also good for people having a weak Sun in their charts, which causes them to suffer from ailments such as indigestion, jaundice, diarrhea, backbone problems, low and high blood pressure etc.

The ruby gemstone with its fiery red corresponds to the Muladhara chakra and can help in balancing it with gemstone chakra therapy. In medical astrology, wearing a ruby (Manikya Stone) gemstone can restore vitality and help in issues related to eyesight and blood circulation.

  • The ruby stone proves immensely benevolent for those people who are suffering from diarrhea.
  • In order to get rid off diarrhea, a person can drink the water in which ruby or Manik stone is dissolved. Thus, drinking this solution will control this disease.
  • The effective ruby stone will aid in resolving blood-related diseases. Since, the sun governs the blood flow or circulation in the body this wearing sun ruled ruby stone will cure all blood-related diseases.
  • Those individuals who are suffering from blood-related diseases or heart-related diseases can wear ruby gemstone. Since, wearing this stone will cure all diseases related to heart or eyes.
  • It is being said about ruby gemstone that drinking the water by putting ruby gemstone in that water for some time will assist in getting rid off stomach related diseases.


The gemstone plays an influential role in the career paths of engineers, goldsmiths, actors, artists, government officials, stockbrokers, cloth or cotton dealers and people from creatively innovative sectors.The ruby, like the Sun holds natural leadership qualities, thus the wearer of this stone is bound to get great support and admiration from positions of authority, the government and administration services.This stone is a gemstone for success in competitive exams, for practitioners of medicine, agriculturists, politicians and government personnel.

Wearing a real or natural ruby gemstone will support a person to achieve name, fame, popularity in their lives. The stone also generates creativity and self-confidence in a personal life.

Meaning: Healing, love, courage, passion .

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